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27 Agustus 2014

Dear Customers,

Today we are very proud to be able to supply pork sausages made exclusively for Slaneys Butchery by a world class German chef named Mr. Claas Meinke from Sari Pan Pacific hotel. As you can expect of a 5 star Hotel, (S.O.P) rule and so hygiene etc ... are top priority. Claas's attitude is to provide the very best of the best German pork sausages, the true and real sausages.

They are made from ingredients mostly imported from Germany, gluten free, no artificial colouring or flavoring = purely natural. That is why the look or the colour is not as shiny or as colourful as those with artificial ingredients.

We conducted a test at a recent charity golf function a few weeks ago and the response was very good, the golfers loved them.

For now we offer 2 items with diskon promo price for a month from 8/27 - 9/26 2014:

1. Sari Delicatessen pork sausages THUERINGER BRATWURST, no casing
This item has to be made by a well trained cook because it is indeed a very delicate way to make sausages without casing. Its so tasty with some exotic herbs - gives it a Mediterranean, Indian and Middle eastern type flavouring that comes through with each bite. Try some, you will experience something new and will agree with my comment or else, you are welcome to give me a yell... Yennyyyyyy!!!!!!

2. Sari Delicatessen pork sausages BOCKWURST

Its like other pork sausages with casing. The different is; its a SPECIAL EDITION just for us ...
Enjoy the REAL & FAMOUS German sausages which you can only get it in Germany but its in Jakarta now, save your plane tickets.
Salam sejahtera selalu,


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