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25 September 2014

Dear Valued Customers,

We have done a food testing for the GREAT AUSSIE BITE- BUZZ BAKE HOUSE from Bali, .... SMART CREATION! Everything is on the right order, so delicious... We also got good feedback from our customers of how good they are.

  • I baked them around 20-25 minutes or till the topping is swollen (don't forget to take the paper at the bottom of the pie, I accidently bake it too)
  • Meat is perfectly cooked, gravy thickness and colour is right. Herbs, salt and spices are excellent blend. The base is crunchy. Those combination from one pie gives a fine dining experience
  • Pie size between 200-250 gr is perfect for one meal. No calorie counting is provided but I can feel this could be around 300-400 calorie per pie with balanced ratio between carbohydrate, protein, fat etc. This could be the alternative meal for those who are on a diet like I am by combine with a big glass of fresh fruit and a glass of mineral water.

As these are our new items, we only do 8 of 20+ pie items. Anyhow we put some items that you can have as pre-order, be available within 7-14 working days. Yes it is indeed takes time as we have to order from Bali... and yes, they have to fly to Jakarta on airplane :)

Please click on the active links below for complete items.

    • Sausage Roll --- taste aussie banget or pommie? dunno where its originally comes from. A bit dry but tomato ketchup can kill it... perfect with beer bintang on hand.
    • Chicken Curry --- mixed of Asian and western, superb!
    • Beef Rendang --- brilliant colaboration between restaurant padang and McDonald
    • Chunky steak and caramelized onion --- its gorgeous said my dear customer mr. Marco
    • Minced beef and mushroom gravy --- with chops of mushroom,... lovely!
    • Minced beef with bacon & cheese --- everything is in one pie, beautiful!
    • Plain mince beef --- standard taste, perfect if you have other dish on side
    • Lamb and rosemary (imported Australian lamb) --- very lammie lamb, yummm!
    • BALI BABI GULING PIE --- miss bali babi guling but in pie? its the answer
    • CHICKEN MUSHROOM BECHAMEL --- tasted so western, the gravy is so fine plus chops of musroom,... love it!
    • MILD CHICKEN SATAY --- mixed of Asian and western. The chilly gives a kick but bearable for western tongue, must try!
    • VEGETABLE BECHAMEL --- tasted so western, perfect for vegetarian
    • APPLE PIE --- contain nearly ALL APPLE diced inside, the sugar and cinnamon combination is perfect.
    • PASTIE PIE --- Nice, we call it here as PASTEL
    • SPINACH & RICOTTA RESTICHI ROLL --- mixed of italiano and middle eastern and bit of indian, maybe? Do NOT order if you don't like strong cheesy and heavy herbs taste.
 Have a nice day!


15 September 2014

  1. US scallop WHITE GOLD, IQF 10/20, wild caught, 5 Lbs/pack, frozen, Rp. 560,000/kg
  2. Australian Angus AACO-1824 TOMAHAWK 3 or 4 ribs, 4-5 kg, frozen, Rp. 436,000/kg
  3. Our famous beautiful Slaneys Australian Aged Ribeye steaks, fully imported from Australia, 300 gr/slice, 1" thick, individual vacuum plastic packed, only Rp. 250,000/kg
FYI: No US turkey and duck in stock yet since Easter because of QUOTA matter. Will keep you posted once they're back.
  1. Chunky steak and caramelized onion, Rp. 40,000 /pc
  2. Minced beef and mushroom gravy, Rp. 35,000 /pc
  3. Minced beef with bacon & cheese, Rp. 40,000 /pc
  4. Plain mince beef, Rp. 30,000 /pc
  5. Lamb and rosemary (imported Australian lamb), Rp. 65,000 /pc

BUZZ BAKEHOUSE AUSTRALIAN PIES  www.buzzbakehouse.com managed by Australian David Horovitz with a 50 years background in hospitality in the international hotel arena. Also Ketut Suena, the master baker who has a wealth of experience of over 25 years. Most recent he spent four years as head baker at the Bulgari hotel Bali. Ketut (surely not the Ketut on OZ TV commercial) is the one who is responsible for recipe creation, quality control and the oversight the pie manufacturing factory.
So delicious with right ratio between the meat, the base and the famous Oz style gravy. They come as frozen, individually vacuum plastic packed, around 220 gr/pie, perfect for 1 standard meal.

How to serve?

  • Remove pie from freezer
  • Thaw overnight in fridge
  • Heat oven to 180 degree Celcius
  • Place pie in oven for 20 minutes


Buzz Bakehouse and bakery in Bali produces high quality bakery items in their Bali bakery including wedding cakes, cakes for all occasions, pies, pizzas for the hospitality industry in Bali. Bali is coming of age and discerning establishments are no longer looking for cheap products.They are looking for quality items demanded by both tourists and a growing expatriate community who are used to high quality. Not with standing Buzz Bakehouse and bakery is pricing its products attractively to allow the hospitality industry to take advantage of the ever-growing demand and need for quality products.
Being a boutique production house also allows us to cater for the specific needs for all of our clients and if a client needs to have a particular item that is not on our price list we are able to comply.

  • Our ingredients are of high quality.
  • We use hard flour and we use the best quality imported ingredients.
  • This ensures quality and taste.

Buzz Bakehouse is also the home of the new GREAT AUSTRALIAN BITE PIE COMPANY a recent addition to provide quality Australian Style Pies, Pasties and Sausage Rolls.




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