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We are always looking for new and great value items for you and we are quite sure you'll love these.

Wammco Australian Frozen Mutton Trunk
Way cheaper than lamb and beef and perfect for curries, stews and 'sop domba' - no need to cut up those pricey Lamb Legs. It is sold as 1kg packs and you'll really have to do no more than thaw them out before a long slow cook. Mutton which is sheep meat is cheaper and much better value.

IBP US Frozen Beef (Iowa Beef Processors)
We are delighted to finally stock some of the most talked about beef in the world. Slaneys Butchery now have in stock this beautiful eating experience in both Prime and Choice grades. We've selected the IBP brand from Tyson Foods as it is one of the oldest and best known brands of Corn Fed Beef in the USA. Rib Eye and Sirloin are sold as whole and standard 1" thick steak cut weigh 400-600 gr/slice, yes its jumbo steak. Also we portioned for roast as half cut of 3kg and quarter cut about 1.5kg. Tenderloin will be sold whole and portioned upon request. This beef comes to you at the special promo price but one issue; we don’t know how long this will be in stock as supply is sporadic.

Slaneys Australian Meltique Beef Steak

Meltique Beef is the beef that injected with hundreds of tiny needles with Canola oil. This process creates ‘fake marble’ as you may see on wagyu beef. This steak is happening in town sold mostly in Japanese or Korean restaurant as thin steak, yakiniku or shabu-shabu dishes. Some local steak house also sell this by name it as ‘something-something wagyu steak’ and sell it half price than original wagyu steak.
I have to share something...
This type of steak is a bit an 'issue' here.
I cooked and tried it by myself, my Indonesian tongue and nose says its GORGEOUS! Amazingly tender and tasty, also the aroma smells nicer than normal steak as the result from Canola oil, kind of sweet smell of cake. The size is also right for Asian plate, thin cut, only about 150gr.
As an Indonesian who did not grow up with Western dishes especially steak, I prefer this Meltique beef for my steak than the normal steak because from normal steak I still can smell blood which sometimes kill my eating appetite. Anyhow I got an expat to try it, the negative comment which comes as typical western swearing and I have to edit for this writting... “that’s steak bohong! The Canola kill the real steak taste... !!!”
This is a just the matter of 'tongue', the choice is in our hand.
I keep going with this item because this is the way I can really enjoy the steak by adding some choped of bird-eye chilly on the side as always. I believe many of you or your Indonesian/Asian spouse/friends might like it the way I do as another steak eating experience.



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