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po. Ribeye Wagyu TOKUSEN marbling 8-9

po. Ribeye Wagyu TOKUSEN marbling 8-9
Product Code : 10522
Average Weight/Pc : 10.00 Kilogram
Availability : In Stock
Order Weight : Kg (average weight/pc)
Price / Kg : Rp 940,000
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This product average weight / pc is kg 10
  • Brand : TOKUSEN *please see details below
  • Packed in a hygienic Cryovac vacuum plastic bag
  • Chilled
  • Minimum order 1 carton of 2 pcs, weight +/- 10 kg/carton
  • 1 week notice
  • This item is not in high demand, the price is not always up to date on our web-site. Prices maybe higher,... and believe it or not, sometimes lower! Our staff will update you at that timea

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  • All product prices are charged on a per kilogram basis, NOT per piece or slice or pack or tray
  • The quantity is set with the average weight of each item
  • The system will generate total amount, that's the closest amount, NOT the final amount as the weight of our products vary
  • The final amount will be advised by email once we've weighted the products


  • We select the best genetics and combine the three most famous breeding strains in Japan
  • Around 9 months of age the juvenile Wagyus go onto our feedlot where they are fed a special diet free of any growth hormones or genetically modified products
  • Every week they are bathed under showers and then massaged and towel dried
  • Every several days they get a special rations to stimulate their appetites and help them add the wight and encourage event more the marbling process
  • Processing occurs to our abbatoir, under chilling and processing system s designed to enhanced Wagyu carcass performance and quality
  • Tokusen Wagyu Beef pride themselves on providing a stress and injury free process during transportation, handling and confinement prior to processing
  • Tokusen Wagyu Beef looks completely different to normal beef with its fine texture and visually striking marbling
  • When properly cooked to rare or medium rare a Tokusen Wagyu ribeye bursts in your mouth with a rich buttery onset followed by a hearty, meaty finish that lingers on your palate
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