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Blessing Fish Smoked Salmon 120gr

Blessing Fish Smoked Salmon 120gr
Product Code : 10214
Average Weight/Pc : 0.25 Kilogram
Availability : In Stock
Order Weight : Kg (average weight/pc)
Price / Kg : Rp 71,000
  • Price is for 120gr
  • Source: PT. Pacu of Aroma Bali *details below
  • Packed in vacuumed plastic bag
  • Frozen
  • Weight 120 gr/pack

PT. Aromaduta Rasaprima

PT. Aromaduta Rasaprima, established in 1980, is a company that specializes in food production such as: sausage, ham, meatball, bacon and jerked meat. The company has been serving the customers worldwide for three decades. The production capacity is 80 tons/per month to meet order from these customers. The company currently employs 135 people. They are divided into: production, shipping, quality control, administration, and

PT. Aromaduta Rasaprima (Aroma) hold the Halal Certificate from the Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) Bali to ensure that our food products meet the Islamic law. The certified foods include all of our meat products that made from beef and poultry.

With Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Certificate that we achieved on march 2011, we guarantee that our products has meet the national and international regulation in safety, qualities and hygienic standards.

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